6 week Get Fit Challenge

Staying Fit

6 Week challenge What is Included?

Start Date October 16- November 25th 

**Customized Meal Plan**
**Customized Work Out Plan**
**In Body weigh ins**
**Weekly Weigh ins**
** Weekly Group Workouts** 
Get Fit Studio
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Coach to keep you accountable!!

Body Fat Testing 

You can now take your body fat test results anywhere with you on your phone!

Grand Prize

More Prizes to be determined!!

**3 Day 2 Night Stay anywhere in the US!**

Beach Vacation
Coastal City
NYC Skyline BW

 6 Week Challenge October  16- Nov 27th 2021

Its that time of year again!! We want to help you get back in shape before the holidays! We are coming to the end of our 4th year of doing challenges and we want to make it memorable by helping you transform into your new body! We have so many before and afters but this time around we want to focus on you! As you know we have our new office Get Fit Nutrition at Center Place Dr. where we will be meeting there once a week and helping you be successful in your journey! For those who have never done our nutrition program how it usually works out is we talk about 10% fitness and 90% whats going on at home and what can we change to help you be successful! Through this we have seen major breakthroughs! I help them really dig in deep and see what they cant to be able to overcome anything they haven't dealt with that can be holding them back from becoming the best version of them selves!! This is a true transformation inside and out that will really impact the rest of your life! If you are up for the challenge fill out the information below and we will get in contact with you soon to see how we can help you become an overcomer! 

Staying Fit
Weekly Get Fit Studio Work Out Class 
Fitness Class

Get Fit Studio is a new program we are adding to our Challenge! We will be meeting once a week to have a hitt work out class! This is an environment to help and encourage one another with our fitness journey! We are all in diffrent stages of our fitness journey and it can get intimidating and confusing but creating an environment where we can all support each other can make a world of difference! Classes will be held in a 40,000 sq feet facility so there will be plenty of room and space to bring kids and privacy! We will make sure to blast the music so we can all have and explosive time! :)

Cost and Payment Plan

Cost of program is $199.99
(Payment Plan Available!)


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