Free 6 Week Challenge

We are having a FREE 6 week challenge starting January 11th! We have been doing 6 week challenges since 2017 and have had great success!! Since Covid-19 we have stop doing challenges due to obvious reasons. A lot of people stopped going to the gym and started putting on weight and lost all motivation. After our county was moved from code red to orange people were still nervous about going back to the gym. Not going to the gym has affected people in so many ways physically, mentally, and emotionally. The truth is if you lack confidence of then it is like the old saying says "If you feel good you look good". Well if you don't feel good then you are more than likely believe you do not look good. With all this being said I am here to HELP!

We are doing are more than likely ONLY FREE CHALLENGE! Due to Covid-19 a lot of people lost their jobs and have been struggling and we felt it was the right thing to do to give back! Our challenges cost is normally 249.99 but this one time only we are doing them for FREE! This is our way of giving back to the community and helping those need in guidance to living a healthier lifestyle.

What is included:

1) Customized meal plan that suits you and your needs. Keep in mind that not all bodies are the same. We have hormone, metabolic rates, and so many other things that are NOT THE SAME. As the saying goes not one shoe fits all!

2) Workout Plan made for your lifestyle. We all have different jobs and activity levels through out the day so we have to make a plan that is suitable and comfortable for you! This is very important so we get you burning as many calories as we need to help you achieve your goal!

3) We will have a Facebook Group Page! This will be a private page were all the challengers can answer each others questions or share ideas, recipes, and so fourth. We want to make this Challenge fun and easy and of course with the support of everyone involved.

4) LAST BUT NOT LEAST did you know we are GIVING AWAY A FREE VACATION STAY?! Yes you heard right! The person with the biggest transformation will be getting a free vacation stay! Biggest transformation will be picked out between the competitors! How cool is that!!!

If you were looking for a sign or motivator to start the year right this is it! This year is your year to make a change and let us help you get on the right path! This will be the ONLY FREE CHALLENGE we will ever be doing so DO NOT MISS OUT!

We look forward to helping you with your fitness journey and help you start 2021 right!!

SIGN UP HERE --> FREE 6 Week Challenge | Getfitkitchen (

Cheers to 2021!! Lets get it!

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