How We Have Handled Covid-19 Out Break at Get Fit Kitchen

Covid-19 had an out break starting the first week of March and we decided to close our doors at our Greeley Mall location March 16th. This was for the safety of our team and community. We took full precaution as far as making sure our location was fully sanitized until we learned that it was airborne. Again not knowing the nature of the disease we did not want our employees and clients to be at risk so for that reason we closed our doors!

Our goal is to keep our clients and our employees healthy especially while handling food!

What will we do moving forward to guarantee our clients are safe?

1.**NEW NO CONTACT DELIVERY- Depending on where you live we will be there will be a small delivery fee. Meals will be dropped off at your home in a hot bag. You will be notified 5-10 min when it is on its way. You will have an estimate time frame of when your food will be delivered. It will be set in your door way and we will ring bell to alert you that your meals are AT YOUR DOOR STEP! In order to have contactless delivery driver will leave food and leave. All drivers are required to wear mask during drop off and also use hand sanitiser each time there is a drop off.

2.PAYMENT- Invoices will now be sent by square as soon as order is processed. Give it about an hr max to receive an invoice through txt message. If you do not receive in an hr feel free to call or txt us at (970) 301-5724

3.FACE MASK- Cooks are now required to wear face masks while making food or any handling.

4.OUR PRIORITY- Our goal is to keep our clients as safe as possible and we are very thankful for your faithfulness to Get Fit Kitchen. If you have any questions feel free to email us at We would love to answer any questions!

Small Business Strong! Thank You For Your Support!!

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